Prices and trading hours

Competitive prices and flexible trading hours help you reach your target audience more efficiently. If you are outside of New Zealand we have the time difference advantage. We work while you sleep.

The process

Please email us a Word, PDF or JPG files or mail us the originals or photocopies. We will prepare a free quote and time frame. To avoid delays please make sure that your documents are readable and clear. Please include all stamps and certifications if they are part of the document.

In some cases we can offer selective translations of the most important parts of a document which reduces the costs, but only when it is appropriate.

We prepare the quote and indicate a timeline. If you are happy with our quote we will go ahead.

Door To Door

All Spanish covers all of New Zealand. No need to come in person. Just email or mail us your documents and we will take care of the process.

For a confidential free quote please email Cecilia.


Please contact us well in advance to coordinate. We will need a full debrief on the event and the topic to allocate your job to the best interpreter. Please understand that interpreters need to prepare in advance before an assignments as vocabulary needs to be reviewed and in some cases learnt. Please book with plenty of time to allow us time to carry out the assignment properly.

We charge by the hour. Please note there may be additional costs involved such as kms travelled, parking, etc